I love capturing the beauty and detail of all things and forming it into 

something real and connective to your artists' soul.

I endevour growth and progress and love perfecting it to satisfaction




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A portrait is a very delicate form of artwork, uniquely timeless and special. This type of art cannot be compared with a photograph. Artists are so captivated by the unique detail in everything that they can bring the portrait to life. It is such a creative and mesmerizing way to memorialize loved ones and spend forever with them in their special moments. 

- Stunning idea for an exceptional / defined birthday, wedding or everyday gift

Pekingese A3  (6/7/2020)

my  first pet


This was a very interesting and Furry sketch. My skills where put to the test even more with these two little heart-warmers. Pawtraits has been mastered recently and shipped to  Rodepoort to one very Happy client. Techniques from lines to hatching to cross hatching were all used in this one sketch making it fuurrrrfect for the new Pawtrait owner. LOVED, LOVED, LOVED drawing them. Felt like they were born here in my own home.  6/7/2020




On the 29th August 2017 God blessed me with this beautiful angel Sadie.They say when you get a pup you grow to love them but the minute i had her in my arms it was instant love.There are so many people out there that say Oh you can just get another dog but if i went around the world I would never find a dog with such a sweet,moody,grumpy,loving,caring and perfect personality like hers.She wasn't just a dog she was my child,she was my family, something nobody would ever understand.She taught me so much in life but she never taught me how to live without her.Memories last forever but I never wanted memories I only wanted you-Nerelle Naidoo


Sune, Janca Janette & Riandri


Sisters are one of the most precious gifts God gives us in Life. My Prayer for you girls is: May the Lord Jesus bless thee,and keep thee. The Lord make his face shine upon thee,and be gracious unto thee.The Lord lift up his countenance upon thee, and give thee peace.And they shall put my Name upon the children of Israel, and i will bless them KJV Numbers 6:24-27 

MY recent ART Pieces

These are very special and desired pieces, previously ordered from Clients and also some of them that were gifted. This is my passion and joy.

Veneka M'kombe A3(28/04/21)
Sebrina Viljoen A4 (25 /11/2020



William Freddy A3 (25/03/21)


Sadie Naidoo A3  (10/9/2020)

photo 238 12-4-17

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There is no doubt about the fact that you won't be satisfied.Every minute poured into your art desired work/order has been sketched, painted or crafted with a lot of sentiment and positive response.  

Carefully orchestrated artistry.

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Sindy Scholtz

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